How VidLive WordPress Facebook Widget Improves The Facebook Live Streaming Experience?

How VidLive WordPress Facebook Widget Improves The Facebook Live Streaming Experience?

VidLive is a revolutionary change in the zone of Facebook live video streaming. Right from helping people to market themselves better to creating a kick-ass option for Facebook lovers, VidLive has a lot to offer but only when you know how to make the most out of it.

VidLive – The Future of Facebook Live Videos

Those who love going live on Facebook frequently and want their followers to also be able to view their video on their website find it a useful widget.

To get quick and easy access to VidLive on your website all you need is to embed a unique code in your website, and rest is VidLive’s job. Once you have inserted the embed code, you can go live on Facebook Live. On your webpage/website, in seconds your followers will see your live video on your website. Isn’t that something wonderful? 

VidLive – How it’s Improving Your Experience?

After witnessing the increasing popularity of VidLive widget among churches, trainers, gamers, musicians, bloggers, instructors, social media influencers, and ministries, VidLive has come up with yet another update that has a lot to do with your overall experience of discovering this widget.

VidLive widget among churches

Recently, VidLive has come up with a WordPress Plugin. This WordPress Facebook Widget, ’ which is quite self-explanatory, can be used on websites developed on WordPress. It is an official VidLive WordPress plugin that helps you sync with the VidLive account and go live in seconds.

Once you have synced both the accounts (WordPress and VidLive), the widget will be assigned a new WordPress shortcode that has to be placed on the website code via backend. However, you may need not indulge a developer in this process, but if you are unsure if you will be able to do it successfully or not, you can go for consulting a developer. 

To get access to this plugin, it is important to have a VidLive account first. You can create the account for FREE via the official website.

The Bottom Line-

VidLive can add a lot more to one’s experience on your website. VidLive comes with a uniquely designed and developed feature that works for people who have websites on WordPress. This is referred to as the WordPress Facebook Widget, which automatically embeds the code in your website to streamline Facebook live videos on a click.

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