VidLive has new redesigned user control panel… and more

VidLive has new redesigned user control panel… and more

In the first major new release since the initial launch I’ve pushed quite a few new features and improvements. This will be the first of many new releases to come in the following months. Lets take a look at whats new:

  • User Control Panel – completely redesigned for better widget creation and management.
  • Placeholder Images – personalize your widgets with custom placeholder images.
  • Background and Font Colors – personalize your widgets background and font colors to match your website.
  • Widget Preview – view and test your widget before you embed it on your website.
  • Token visibility – keep tabs on your Facebook App token at a glance.
  • More – Name your widget, improved opt-in email form, improved widget design.
  • Deprecated – I have removed a few features in favor for better options coming soon.

A Closer Look

We have completely redesigned the User Control Panel from the ground up. Starting with a new user dashboard, you will find it easier and more user friendly to create and manage your widgets.

New VidLive User Dashboard

One of the more popular user requests was the ability to customize each widget to match the users website. Now you can upload your own Placeholder Image and change the Background and Font Colors to match your website.

New Widget Customization

With the new Widget Preview screen you can see your widget in action before you embed it into your website. This is a great way to test and fine tune the look of your widget before you go live.

With better Token Visibility you will be able to see at a glance if your Facebook App token has expired and is no longer valid. Facebook tokens are only valid for 60 days and they can also become invalid if you change your Facebook password. We have made it much easier to check and renew your token so that your widget will always be operational.

You may also notice a few smaller updates like the ability to name your widgets, and a new opt-in email form.


Some features just don’t work out.

Site-Wide notice – When I originally released VidLive I imagined users would need a few ways to notify their users when they were live. One of these was the Site-Wide notice. This worked pretty good in theory but was a bit clunky and did not always work well. Most of the feedback I got was that it was kind of a challenge to include it on a users website. So I’m going back to the drawing board on this one. I’m looking at maybe including browser push notifications. This would require little to no user setup.

Full Screen View – This feature is included in the Facebook video player however I could never get it to work with the live video stream. I have not fully given up on this feature but for now it has been removed from the video player.

We are moving fast

I have been moving fast on the development front, pushing out many new features, but I’m surly not done. Look for more new features coming soon, and if you have any features you would like to be included please let me know.

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