Streamline Video with VidLive

Streamline Video with VidLive

How important is video these days?

Ask digital marketers this, and you might get a derisive snort.

All that to say that video is extremely important in this day and age. With the proliferation of streaming video channels, companies are finding that they get more bang for their buck when they integrate video into a website or other piece of collateral that has to do with an online footprint and digital outreach. Marketers are re-inventing the playbook, out of necessity, because today, video is overtaking the written word in some pretty substantial ways.

Video and Different Channels

For instance, many more companies, even small businesses, are experimenting with injecting streaming video ads on YouTube(live stream or pre-taped). This free media platform has really become prominent over time and now has a significant share of viable traffic on the Internet.

Then there's streaming media services like Netflix and Hulu and others. These subscription services sell ad space that is virtually infinite – and so companies are moving toward these models as well. As users log in to view their favorite programming, they represent a big captive audience for video ads.

Then, of course, companies also build video into their own web domains – their websites, their Facebook pages and profiles and more. This type of branding and visibility work is often part of the highest priority missions for companies taking over a particular web domain.

Repetitive Coding and Embed Codes

So how you save time and energy creating one of the strategic video plans?

Those who are using VidLive rely on the idea of solving the repetitive coding problem. In other words, being able to simply paste and embed codes in a webpage or digital asset helps to avoid the labor associated with hand coding and video administration.

It’s kind of like how early HTML built the Internet. First, people started out hand coding HTML to build web pages and sites. But then they got tired of all of that manual line by line code entry. So they abstracted the HTML with modular design and editing, and new automation tools helped pave the way for Web 2.0.

We can do that for your company, with live streamed video. Take a look at the website for more on how VidLive changes how you approach one of the best resources for any channel, and you’ll see why so many forward-thinking companies are doing away with the hand-coding! Embed live video into your web site in a few easy steps, and you’re ready to go.