Streaming Church Sermons Using Facebook Live & VidLive

Streaming Church Sermons Using Facebook Live & VidLive

There’s already enough going on with all this new tech. And now, live streaming sermons is becoming an expectation for every church. From the smallest rural congregations to Bible studies or mega churches, nobody wants to miss anything, ever again. And Live Streaming Sermons can make that happen. But, what is Church Live Streaming? And how hard is it to stream live to your website?

Live streaming is using a camera to record and broadcast your events online in real time. Congregation members, and guests, can now watch and hear the Word right on their phone or computer, while it happens live.

Anyone can hear your sermon anywhere they have an internet connection. On their phone from a hospital bed. Using a tablet on a break at work. With a laptop at a coffee shop when they are out of town. At home, sick in bed. Spread the Word, without a complicated set up. 

Automatically Stream Facebook Live, right on your website.

Facebook Live lets you broadcast just by clicking on the “Go Live” button. After that, how do you get that live stream automatically stream on your website? VidLive makes this easy. Just sign up, connect facebook, and embed your live stream widget on your website. Now every time you live stream your sermon, you will also automatically live stream on your website. Your online audience can watch directly on your website, without any additional hassles.

Simple Automatic Worship Tech Solutions

It’s straightforward, using your church’s Facebook page. Just set up a Facebook Live video like you would to stream the sermon on Facebook. Then, using the VidLive app you just set it and forget it. VidLive automatically takes the Facebook Live feed and stream it directly on your website. Automatically. 

With the price of the technology required now being so reasonable, live streaming spreads the Word to more people every day.  Now, with VidLive streaming your Facebook Live video directly to your website, you can bring the Word to even more people. Get more information today about how VidLive works.  

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