Social Media: Replaces Nothing But Compliments Everything

Social Media: Replaces Nothing But Compliments Everything

With each new emerging technology- everything from smartphones to virtual reality- a transformation of social media has been seen. Technology has changed how we do business and technology has become advanced in many ways for human communication. 

Social media is an essential element of any business as humans must communicate to get work done.

Social media refers to websites and applications that are designed for communication, content-sharing, interaction, etc., efficiently and in real-time. It is a digital tool that allows users to create and share content with the public quickly. Many people use social media to interact with family and friends, while others use it to communicate with different communities. Social media encircle a variety of websites and apps. Many people use social media as a way to promote their products.

Social media has become more accessible with mobile applications, with some examples of social media, including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook.

Anyone with internet access can sign up for a social media account. They can share whatever content they want to, and anyone who visits their page can see their content.

Types of Social Media-

  • Facebook- It is the most popular free social networking website that allows users to connect with work colleagues, friends and people they don’t know, online. It also allows users to share pictures, videos, articles and live videos. Facebook gives people control over what they share and who they share with.
  • LinkedIn- This social networking site specifically designed for career development and professional networking. Anyone can use LinkedIn to display their resume, find jobs and can interact with other people. This site offers you a full-featured career board, where you can search or apply for jobs.
  • Twitter- It is a microblogging system that allows you to send and receive short posts known as “tweets”. If you follow someone, you can see their tweets in your timeline. You can create your tweet or can retweet information that has been tweeted by others.
  • Instagram- It is a social networking app which allows users to share pictures, videos, and live videos with their friends and across many platforms like Facebook and Twitter. This app allows its users to share their lives in quirky, short clips, hashtags and much more.

Facebook live is the best way to increase social media engagement to show your talent. More people than ever use live streaming, and it experiences three times the engagement of typical videos shared on social media. Since Facebook live is free and easy to use, any company can get involved.

But, what about when being live on Facebook isn’t enough. And maybe you also need to stream live from Facebook to your website.

As these are very standard platforms of social media, so various widgets are introduced to make your life easier. 

We, VidLive, show you the easiest way to stream live Facebook video from your website. Add the VidLive widget once and no need to add new Facebook Live embed code to your site each time you want to go live.

You can also show your last recorded live video when you are not live. It is automatic and easy to stream from your website every time you go live without re-embedding a new code.

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