DIY To Embed The Facebook Live Video

What is the most popular social network in the world? Without a doubt, it’s Facebook. It connects people all over the world, and it has become a part of our lives. The mania of Facebook is such that people spend it least 38 minutes on Facebook each day. Increasing craze of social media, especially Facebook has made people stick to it and explore the series of advanced features it offers. 

How To Embed Facebook Live Stream Code On Your Website?

When you visit a website, you think how it got all those fantastic “extras” to work?

Some people think that for putting those “extra” elements, requires a web to associate with. But, that’s merely a misconception for present time circumstances.

These additional tools can make your simple site more engaging and more functional. These other tools are known as widgets. 

Social Media: Replaces Nothing But Compliments Everything

With each new emerging technology- everything from smartphones to virtual reality- a transformation of social media has been seen. Technology has changed how we do business and technology has become advanced in many ways for human communication. 

Social media is an essential element of any business as humans must communicate to get work done.

Represent Yourself Everywhere And Tap Into The Power of Social Media

“Social media is addictive precisely because it gives us something which the real world lacks: it gives us immediacy, direction, and value as an individual.”

– David Amerland 

A social networking site is an online platform where people used to build social networks with other people. These sites allow users to share their posts, ideas, pictures and videos. 

The success of social networking services can be seen in society today, with Facebook having a massive of more than 4.8 billion active users monthly and 2 billion people log in to Facebook every day. Facebook is one of the most popular and influential social networking sites connecting people all over the world. 

How to Auto Embed Facebook Live Stream on Your website

Facebook Live is a great way to engage with your audience and build a following. But what about when being live on Facebook isn’t enough. Maybe you also need to stream live from Facebook to your website. What about making it automatic, because you also want to automatically stream from your website every time you go live without having to re-embed a new code over and over. Seems easy enough right? Well it is and it isn’t… let me explain.

Streaming Church Sermons Using Facebook Live & VidLive

There’s already enough going on with all this new tech. And now, live streaming sermons is becoming an expectation for every church. From the smallest rural congregations to Bible studies or mega churches, nobody wants to miss anything, ever again. And Live Streaming Sermons can make that happen. But, what is Church Live Streaming? And how hard is it to stream live to your website?