How to Auto Embed Facebook Live Stream on Your website

How to Auto Embed Facebook Live Stream on Your website

Facebook Live is a great way to engage with your audience and build a following. But what about when being live on Facebook isn’t enough. Maybe you also need to stream live from Facebook to your website. What about making it automatic, because you also want to automatically stream from your website every time you go live without having to re-embed a new code over and over. Seems easy enough right? Well it is and it isn’t… let me explain.

The Facebook Video Embed code

With every video you create on Facebook wether it be live or uploaded, Facebook will include an embed code so it can be viewed form a website or blog. Using this code is simple, just copy and paste it on the page where you would like it to be displayed. It’s a great way to share a video and get more views. Here’s an example…

OK so what’s the problem right? Well with pre-recorded video, it’s easy to grab the embed code because the video has already occurred. With a live video, it’s happening in real time. So you would have to embed the code after you started your live stream. This is because Facebook generates the code at the time the video is created (well unless you schedule your live stream, but I’ll get to that in a bit).

We need to be able to enter one Facebook Live embed code to our website and never have to touch it again. Because, who wants to have to embed a new code every time they go live… sounds like a pain. Makes it Easy

With VidLive you can easily have your Facebook Live videos automatically stream on your website every time you are live. Set the embed code once and forget it. No more re-embedding a new code every time you go live.

Once you sign up for a VidLive account you will need to connect your Facebook account by generating your Facebook app keys. This is simple and only takes a few minutes. Just follow the steps provided after sign up.

Next you will create your VidLive widget. Select the option you prefer and click Create Widget.

Next, grab the VidLive embed code.

Next you just need to place your VidLive embed code on the webpage where you would like your Facebook Live video to stream. Thats it! Now every time you go live on Facebook you will also automatically live stream from your webpage.

One last thing. I mentioned earlier about scheduling your Facebook Live stream. Facebook does allow you to schedule your live stream, and this will generate an embed code you can place on your website before you go live. This is a great feature, however you would still need to replace the embed code every time you schedule a new live stream. So again this is not ideal if you use Facebook Live allot and need it to be automatic.

Happy Streaming!

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