Hello World. Introducing the VidLive Blog

Hello World. Introducing the VidLive Blog

Today marks the first of many new posts form the VidLive Blog. My goal is to keep everyone informed about anything new and exciting about VidLive.

Early on

I launched VidLive quietly about 5 months ago just to test the waters and see if it was actually something people could use. I really did not know what to expect or if I would even get anyone to sign up. I just thought it was a simple idea and I could sharpen some of my developer skills while creating it. After building it and then posting about it on a few blogs, the response was actually pretty great. I received lots of nice feedback from early adopters, many of which had nothing but kind things to say about the service. I’m excited that people find VIdLive useful and continue to push forward with improvements and new features.

What is VidLive?

So what is VidLive anyway? Simply put, VidLive is a service that helps you stream live on your website at the same time you are live on Facebook Live. Wow! there was allot of “live” in that last sentence. Anyway, Facebook does not make it easy to embed a live video stream on your website. So that is the problem I wanted to try to solve.

Once signed up, a user can create a widget, embed it on a website, and it with stream the user’s Facebook Live video in real time. The widget will work on virtually any website and is very easy to set up.

Whats next?

I have learned allot in the past few months after launching VidLive, but the most important thing I learned is there is still allot to do. My plan is to continue to improve the service and push out new features on a regular basis. My next major release will be in a few days, and will include a redesigned user control panel and some cool new widget options. I’ll have more details in my next post.

Stay tuned.

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