How To Go Live On Facebook Through Website?

Social media is the most powerful platform of marketing and research, and its most essential feature is it lets you communicate with the whole world. It is a highly influencing society encompassing both positive and negative ways. Like it gives people a platform to share pictures, videos and people can stay in touch with their loved ones. And the negative impact is when people started spreading false information on the internet.

Go Live On Facebook Through Website

As we all know, Facebook is the most popular social networking site with a massive number of users, approximately 1.4 billion. It dominates social media use, and the users spend a lot of time on Facebook.  

One of the most common features of Facebook is Facebook live. This feature allows you to broadcast a live video for your audience, and it is loved by the majority of viewers who prefer videos rather than social posts.

But have you ever thought Facebook live is enough to drag people to your website or not? And what if you can go live on Facebook through your website?

Going Facebook live through website is no rocket science anymore. There are pro tools like VidLive which gives you ample leverages to gain good following over your website and Facebook profile both at the same time. 

VidLive – A Widget Expanding Your Facebook Reach 

A magic widget, a perfect choice to make your website more engaging and functional. It is one of the easiest ways to go live on Facebook through website. Be it using it or embedding it in your website, the process is quick, easy and hassle-free. 

This widget is embedded into the body of your website and helps you to stop wasting your time by embedding a new code to your website again and again for going live.

Add this widget once and forget about all the hassles you’ve faced previously because it safely login to your Facebook account, embed code once and automatically stream your Facebook live on your website.

The key aim of this widget is to increase the number of audience on your website and convert them into your loyal fans.

Forget about coding, now setting a live stream is smoother than ever with just one click. 

In this digital era, interacting with your audience is a necessity for doing business. And VidLive is embedding your Facebook live to the website so that you can easily interact with your viewers and can attract new audiences to your website which makes your website interesting and attractive to stay longer on it.

VidLive- Taking your website to the next level

The most important feature of VidLive is if you are currently live on Facebook, it will automatically embed your live video on your website.

If you want more audience to watch your videos and need more engagement on your website, VidLive is perfect for you.

You can have your peace of mind and focus on interacting with people to promote your business while VidLive will do the rest of work.

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