All Ins And Outs About Facebook Live WordPress Plugin

Facebook live, one of the most popular features for connecting with the audience. But sometimes being live only on Facebook is not enough.

To increase the engagement of the viewers, one must have to publish their Facebook live videos on his website.

Some people also want to embed their Facebook live videos in WordPress, but it is not that easy as it sounds.

facebook live wordPress plugin

The process of embedding Facebook live videos in WordPress is quite challenging because Facebook wants its users to stay on their platform for a longer time.

Sometimes it is a big challenge to find where Facebook provides embeds code for every video.

But imagine if you have a widget which helps you to easily embed your Facebook live videos in WordPress without adding different embed code each time. 

The answer is VidLive widget. It comes with a new feature that now you can use the official VidLive Facebook live WordPress plugin, and it connects you to your VidLive account.

There is no need to embed a new code every time because VidLive is here for you to auto-embed your Facebook live videos into your website in one click.

Once you are connected, a shortcode is provided to your widget. This shortcode can be placed anywhere in your website and makes it easy for you to put your Facebook live videos.   

Well, there are a lot more options for embedding your Facebook live videos into WordPress. Still, a quick and easy solution for WordPress Facebook live stream plugin is Vidlive WP plugin because it doesn’t require mastery in handling technical processes.

The VidLive WordPress plugin is here to help you to prevent all your complications without any hassle. It makes the process a lot easier and allows you to display your Facebook live anywhere on your website.

You can also display the previous recorded live video for engaging new audiences.

The Future of Facebook Live WordPress Plugin

Facebook live streaming platform is constantly evolving. People are more inclined towards video content rather than posts. 

As it is continuously growing then the future is not far for making the embedding process more accessible.

VidLive WordPress plugin is one of the sources that make it possible to embed Facebook live videos without any complication and technical hand.    

This plugin detects if you are currently live on Facebook and then automatically embed the live videos into your website.

Bottom Line

Preferring the VidLive WordPress plugin is actually the solution for all the problems. It has the ability to create short codes, has the ability to embed codes for your previously recorded Facebook live videos, and can embed maximum numbers of videos on your website. It also allows your recorded and uploaded videos to be in full-screen mode. 

Moreover, you can use the same embed code multiple times on your website.

According to your preference, you can also customize the look of the notification bar of your website.

All in all, it is the best option to choose the official VidLive WordPress plugin.

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