VidLive- Making Easy To Embed Facebook Live Videos On Your Website

VidLive- Making Easy To Embed Facebook Live Videos On Your Website

Do you know what a widget is? Widget is a stand-alone application embedded into the body of websites.

Purpose Of Widgets:

The purpose of the widget is that for a business, it serves as an extra inducement to attract loyal customers. 

Usually, widgets are convenient and essential tools for both the providers and the users of a site.

Embed Facebook Live Videos

And for those who use widgets, it acts as a reminder, notification tools and countdown timers and appears in the form of a pop-up window.

Introducing VidLive, a widget to easily embed the Facebook live video on your website with just adding once.

The Power of Facebook Live:

Social Media helps people to stay in touch with those who live far away to share photographs, videos, informative content, etc. and it is converted into a promising marketing platform.

As you all know, Facebook is one of the most influential and popular social media platforms in the world connecting people worldwide.

And it has many features to engage or maximize your audiences, and the main powerful feature is Facebook Live. 

If you promote your content well, Live videos drive more engagement, and it could keep users coming back. 

You won’t believe it, but it is said that Live videos have more engagement than standard videos because of the real-time connection between the users. 

82% of viewers prefer live videos as compared to social posts.

Role Of VidLive:

We understand that Facebook Live is an essential way for communication and engagement, but what if being live only on Facebook is not enough?

What if you need to stream live from Facebook to your website? 

What if you don’t want to face all the hassles of embedding a new code to your website every time you want to go live on Facebook?

Well, you don’t have to worry now. VidLive is here to rescue and prevent you from all the trouble.

What is VidLive? VidLive is a widget that you can add on your website to embed Facebook Live videos.

Adding this widget once in your website and everything will be sorted. It will securely log in to your Facebook account, and you need to place your VidLive embed code on the web page where you need to stream your Facebook Live video and you are done.

It is easy to operate and helps you to drive more traffic and can make your viewers stay on your website for a longer time. 

VidLive also helps those individuals who are not active on social media. 

Embedding Facebook Live on your website helps you to fill the gap between the social audience and your business and enhance the engagement.

The primary purpose of this widget is to convert the visitors into your loyal fans, and is perfect for the purpose.

Adding this widget to your website is beneficial for many reasons. It helps you to grow your business. You can interact with more people and increase your audience. 

Embedding a new code again for Facebook Live streaming has disappeared.

Add VidLive to your website and experience its magic!

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