Easily Embed Facebook Live Video on Your Website With VidLive

We all know what the power of social media is nowadays. Everything from all over the world is shared on social networking sites.

We can easily get the information about what is happening on the other side of the world with just one tap on the social networking site.

Embed Facebook Live Video on Your Website

And to stay in touch with each other, sharing information, photographs and videos, what could be better than Facebook?

Facebook is the number one social networking site involved in our lives for a very long time.

It is the best way to stay updated about any news with the latest information, and it is also converted into a rising marketing platform.

Embedding Facebook Live Videos on Your Website

As we all are familiar with the various features of Facebook to expand your audiences, but the most dynamic element is Facebook live.

Nowadays, most of the page owners use their Facebook pages to push the public to their websites and to drive traffic to the websites they are embedding Facebook live video.

It is said that if you promote your content properly, the users keep coming back because nowadays everyone wants unique content and live videos can drive more engagement than anything else.

We understand that Facebook has a vast community but coming live only on Facebook and expecting to reach more audiences is unproductive. Therefore, a smart user wants to embed their Facebook live on their website as well.

But the question is how you can stream your live from Facebook to your website? What if a small widget can make a significant change in your game?

VidLive- The Game Changer Widget

Introducing VidLive, an ultimate widget to easily stream live from your Facebook business and organizational pages.

Add VidLive once on your website, and it helps you to drive more audience and can make them stay on your website for a longer period. And it is simple, the longer they stay on your website, quickly they transform from a visitor to a loyal fan.

VidLive is an easily accessible tool and follows the simple procedure:

  • It login to your Facebook account
  • Embed a onetime code to your website
  • Every time you go live on Facebook, it will automatically stream on your website

We understand that it is a bit frustrating to add new code on your website for every Facebook Live, and it is totally a waste of your time.

Hence, VidLive allows you to embed a one-time code so that you don’t have to embed a new code every time you want to go live.

Adding this widget will help you to grow your business. You can interact more with your viewers, even with those who are not on Facebook.

Moreover, it is a real time-saver, works on every blogging and web/eCommerce site and also guides the visitors to go through every new section of your website.

Easily embed your Facebook live video with the help of VidLive and make your website more functional and engaging for your business growth.

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