DIY To Embed The Facebook Live Video

What is the most popular social network in the world? Without a doubt, it’s Facebook. It connects people all over the world, and it has become a part of our lives. The mania of Facebook is such that people spend it least 38 minutes on Facebook each day. Increasing craze of social media, especially Facebook has made people stick to it and explore the series of advanced features it offers. 

Embed The Facebook Live Video

Facebook is infused with multiple features providing ample opportunities to enhance your business and engage your audience. There is a popular feature on Facebook to interact with your audience that is Facebook Live. 

Facebook Live is a powerful way to connect and engage your audience, and it is the essential communication channel across industries. It has become a favorite marketing tool for business people on Facebook.

But being live on Facebook is not enough sometimes to reach your audience. And you need to stream live from Facebook to your website.

Well, why not go that one step further and add a widget on your website to embed Facebook live streams?

But the question is how to embed Facebook live streams on your website?

Live videos drive more engagement than standard video content. But if you have a website, then a significant drawback is that you have to add a new Facebook Live embed code every time you want to go Live. 

Adding a widget, VidLive helps you to stream live from your Facebook business and Organizational pages. It is an easily accessible widget with one time, adding it to your website, and you are done. It can log in to your Facebook account safely and securely. Another benefit of Vidlive is it drives more traffic to your website. 

Streaming Facebook lives on your website is beneficial for those audiences who don’t use social networking sites. And embedding live from Facebook to your website with the help of Vidlive requires no more than a quick copy and paste.

Video live streaming for events has become a new trend in the modern society of technology-addicted people. This trend is famous for huge events, concerts to attract more popularity. So if you have no time or opportunity to attend these events, you can find these services through Vidlive and enjoy the event online. 

It saves your time and energy by preventing you from adding a new Facebook live embed code to your website each time you go live. When you are not live, you can also show your last recorded live video to the audience for engagement. 

The best part about Vidlive is it works on every web/e-commerce and blogging platform, and it comes with a built-in responsive mobile-friendly theme. And if you want to cancel, you can do it from your account setting page anytime. 

Do not overthink and add this extraordinary widget to help your websites for engagement of more audience. It saves you from having to look around sites for the embedded code. It’s a real time saver!

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