5 Benefits of Using Church Live Streaming Service On Your Website?

5 Benefits of Using Church Live Streaming Service On Your Website?

One WIDGET, many live streaming SOLUTIONS!

Facebook Live is a means of communication that engages large masses and builds more fan following. Do you agree that Facebook has enough to advertise? Of course, Facebook Live is the best option to increase viewership, but you also need to promote your services through different platforms like your official website.

Church Live Streaming Service

Just think about streaming your live session automatically on the website through the widgets? Isn’t it a great option? 

The re-embed new code and streaming live again and again from various platforms make you frustrated. But adding VidLive widget automatically starts Live streaming on your website wherever you go live.

Get ultimate live streaming experience by the widget on your website

A perfect solution for church streaming services!

The VidLive widget works for every website. Talking about live streaming church service, it would make live streaming easy for you. Whether your church has a single camera or multiple, you can stream all the important sessions directly on your website by VidLive widget.       

High-quality services to all

It doesn’t matter you are streaming from a large church with IT experts or a small church owner or worshiping in the home or a rented room. VidLive aims to provide the best live streaming services to your website. It’s not a challenging task; you just need VidLive widget to go live from your website. 

Easy to use

As you know, many families, individuals, and groups can’t attend the prayers, speech, marriages, or church sessions. Due to busy schedules, illness, travel issues, distance, or other problems, many people don’t attend live sessions. By using VidLive widget, it becomes easy to reach masses by a single click. Reaching to followers through Facebook live is out-dated. You can go directly live on your website because everyone has a tablet, mobile phone, media player, laptop, and other means to get access most easily.


You have choices while using the VidLive widget. You can use different methods with direct streaming to offsite/overflow campuses. Also, it allows live streaming to different viewers by providing recorded videos through the mail.  

Large reach

The live streaming platform connects a large mass through different online pages. Users from a different state, country, or anywhere can access the prayers and other events hosted in churches. VidLive widget is a perfect marketing solution. Even one person can access live streaming and reach large audiences. 


It works with almost every website type ranging from an eCommerce platform, blogging site, a business or non-profit organization website. Also, you can add HTML to your website. Without worrying, you can easily use a versatile widget.

For more information or queries, you can visit the website – VidLive. Also, you can connect to us with Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and youtube. You can check our demos and even ask questions. With a skilled expert team, you will get help by any means. Embed Facebook live video on your website with VidLive.

Get your church online with VidLive!

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