How to Auto Embed Facebook Live Stream On Your Website?

How to Auto Embed Facebook Live Stream On Your Website?

In any way possible, Facebook is one of the leading ways to gain more and more audience on your website or market your brand on social media channels. With more than 2.45 billion users throughout the world, Facebook leads all the spheres of social media platforms. This has uplifted the importance of engaging with different tools, features, and widgets designed and developed for Facebook. 

Out of all, there is a VidLive widget that has been crafted for people who want to be the new sensation on Facebook, grasp a high number of pages or website visitors. 

What is VidLive Widget all About?

auto embed facebook live stream

VidLive is a social media widget that lets people go Facebook live through their website or Facebook page. Thinking why use it? Check out here- 

  1. Helps in marketing your brand or improve the approach of self-marketing 
  2. Displays you as an emerging brand 
  3. Helps you get more interaction and engagement of the target audience on the website
  4. Improves the overall experience of using the Facebook Live feature 

Now comes how to embed the VidLive widget code on your WordPress website?

Embedding the code in your WordPress website is not rocket science. WordPress offers a well-managed and easy interface so anyone from IT or non-IT backgrounds can surf its backend processes. But make sure you don’t play much with the code as it can land you into some coding trouble. 

The steps to embed the VidLive widget code is easy and hassle-free. To help you get done with this, several DIY (do it yourself) videos are available on YouTube. These videos ensure detailed illustration or are considered the step-by-step guide to inserting the code on your website’s backend. 

Here is how to do it. 

  1. Go to the Facebook developer page and get access to Facebook Page Plugin
  2. Click on ‘Setting’ and include ‘Live Video’ that you want to embed
  3. Click on ‘Get Code’ option 
  4. Copy and paste the code on your website backend. 

For detailed illustrations, consider the YouTube video tutorial.

The Wrap-Up:

VidLive widget is a smart solution to all sorts of Facebook Live video hassles. Those who find it difficult to record their Facebook live video and then post it on their profile or website or Facebook pages will find VidLive quite useful. 

To get complete access to it, all you need is to sign up on VidLive, create a personalized account, request the code, go to the website backend, insert the code, and are all set to enjoy going Facebook Live your website in no time. 

So far, this uber-cool widget has helped a lot of social media influencers attract more and more people while others are still getting the hang of it. If you also desire to learn more about it’s functioning and how it can provide productive for your page, then connect with the experts of VidLive Widget through email or call. The contact details are available on their official website.

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