How To Set Up Live Streaming For Church In Just a Few Clicks?

‘Facebook’, one of the most engaging platforms for sharing your thoughts. As it is the most popular social networking site, it is the easiest way to advertise anything.

And Facebook Live is the best way for the advertisement to increase the audience. But for increasing the engagement of your viewers, Facebook Live is not enough because you also want to promote your services through your website.

Live Streaming for Church

Worshipping in churches brings people together in the same place to remember their god. But as we are familiar with the current scenario that Covid-19 is continuously spreading and people cannot gather in a large number in the church.

Still, it is possible to have gatherings and sermons through live streaming services for churches. This service allows the audience around the world to attend church gatherings at exact timing without anyone stepping out of their home.

These live streaming for churches is an excellent solution for all around the world like:

  • It helps the people who are travelling and can’t go to churches.
  • It helps the people who are too old or sick that they can’t travel to attend church gatherings.

How to Live Stream a Church Service?

Streaming of church services through Facebook Live is not enough to reach more audiences. Therefore, it is necessary to stream live videos through your website.

Now you are thinking that streaming live Facebook videos from your website is a lengthy process because every time you want to add a new Facebook live, you have to embed a new code.

Well, not now. This is where VidLive comes in the frame.

VidLive is a widget and a solution to all your problems. You have to add this widget on your website in just one click and you are done.

This widget helps you to embed the widget code on your website only once that means no need to embed a new code every time you go live.

VidLive helps you to broadcast the worship events in a few seconds. The best part is when you are not live, it will automatically show your last recorded live video.

It is the best platform for setting-up live streaming for churches easily. With the help of VidLive, you can reach more audiences through your website and gain loyal followers. 

And live streaming services for churches have brought the new potential to all the worship places. Now you don’t have to go to church. The church can come to you in one click.

Wrap Up

Streaming live videos of churches has now become easier with VidLive widget. You can engage more people in your website and can help the people around the world who can’t go to the churches to attend those gatherings because of their old age, sickness and sometimes being so busy in their work.

Using VidLive is not time-consuming at all. Even it is the solution to all the problems to prevent you from embedding new code again and again.

Easily Embed Facebook Live Video on Your Website With VidLive

We all know what the power of social media is nowadays. Everything from all over the world is shared on social networking sites.

We can easily get the information about what is happening on the other side of the world with just one tap on the social networking site.

Embed Facebook Live Video on Your Website

And to stay in touch with each other, sharing information, photographs and videos, what could be better than Facebook?

Facebook is the number one social networking site involved in our lives for a very long time.

It is the best way to stay updated about any news with the latest information, and it is also converted into a rising marketing platform.

Embedding Facebook Live Videos on Your Website

As we all are familiar with the various features of Facebook to expand your audiences, but the most dynamic element is Facebook live.

Nowadays, most of the page owners use their Facebook pages to push the public to their websites and to drive traffic to the websites they are embedding Facebook live video.

It is said that if you promote your content properly, the users keep coming back because nowadays everyone wants unique content and live videos can drive more engagement than anything else.

We understand that Facebook has a vast community but coming live only on Facebook and expecting to reach more audiences is unproductive. Therefore, a smart user wants to embed their Facebook live on their website as well.

But the question is how you can stream your live from Facebook to your website? What if a small widget can make a significant change in your game?

VidLive- The Game Changer Widget

Introducing VidLive, an ultimate widget to easily stream live from your Facebook business and organizational pages.

Add VidLive once on your website, and it helps you to drive more audience and can make them stay on your website for a longer period. And it is simple, the longer they stay on your website, quickly they transform from a visitor to a loyal fan.

VidLive is an easily accessible tool and follows the simple procedure:

  • It login to your Facebook account
  • Embed a onetime code to your website
  • Every time you go live on Facebook, it will automatically stream on your website

We understand that it is a bit frustrating to add new code on your website for every Facebook Live, and it is totally a waste of your time.

Hence, VidLive allows you to embed a one-time code so that you don’t have to embed a new code every time you want to go live.

Adding this widget will help you to grow your business. You can interact more with your viewers, even with those who are not on Facebook.

Moreover, it is a real time-saver, works on every blogging and web/eCommerce site and also guides the visitors to go through every new section of your website.

Easily embed your Facebook live video with the help of VidLive and make your website more functional and engaging for your business growth.

How To Go Live On Facebook Through Website?

Social media is the most powerful platform of marketing and research, and its most essential feature is it lets you communicate with the whole world. It is a highly influencing society encompassing both positive and negative ways. Like it gives people a platform to share pictures, videos and people can stay in touch with their loved ones. And the negative impact is when people started spreading false information on the internet.

Go Live On Facebook Through Website

As we all know, Facebook is the most popular social networking site with a massive number of users, approximately 1.4 billion. It dominates social media use, and the users spend a lot of time on Facebook.  

One of the most common features of Facebook is Facebook live. This feature allows you to broadcast a live video for your audience, and it is loved by the majority of viewers who prefer videos rather than social posts.

But have you ever thought Facebook live is enough to drag people to your website or not? And what if you can go live on Facebook through your website?

Going Facebook live through website is no rocket science anymore. There are pro tools like VidLive which gives you ample leverages to gain good following over your website and Facebook profile both at the same time. 

VidLive – A Widget Expanding Your Facebook Reach 

A magic widget, a perfect choice to make your website more engaging and functional. It is one of the easiest ways to go live on Facebook through website. Be it using it or embedding it in your website, the process is quick, easy and hassle-free. 

This widget is embedded into the body of your website and helps you to stop wasting your time by embedding a new code to your website again and again for going live.

Add this widget once and forget about all the hassles you’ve faced previously because it safely login to your Facebook account, embed code once and automatically stream your Facebook live on your website.

The key aim of this widget is to increase the number of audience on your website and convert them into your loyal fans.

Forget about coding, now setting a live stream is smoother than ever with just one click. 

In this digital era, interacting with your audience is a necessity for doing business. And VidLive is embedding your Facebook live to the website so that you can easily interact with your viewers and can attract new audiences to your website which makes your website interesting and attractive to stay longer on it.

VidLive- Taking your website to the next level

The most important feature of VidLive is if you are currently live on Facebook, it will automatically embed your live video on your website.

If you want more audience to watch your videos and need more engagement on your website, VidLive is perfect for you.

You can have your peace of mind and focus on interacting with people to promote your business while VidLive will do the rest of work.

All Ins And Outs About Facebook Live WordPress Plugin

Facebook live, one of the most popular features for connecting with the audience. But sometimes being live only on Facebook is not enough.

To increase the engagement of the viewers, one must have to publish their Facebook live videos on his website.

Some people also want to embed their Facebook live videos in WordPress, but it is not that easy as it sounds.

facebook live wordPress plugin

The process of embedding Facebook live videos in WordPress is quite challenging because Facebook wants its users to stay on their platform for a longer time.

Sometimes it is a big challenge to find where Facebook provides embeds code for every video.

But imagine if you have a widget which helps you to easily embed your Facebook live videos in WordPress without adding different embed code each time. 

The answer is VidLive widget. It comes with a new feature that now you can use the official VidLive Facebook live WordPress plugin, and it connects you to your VidLive account.

There is no need to embed a new code every time because VidLive is here for you to auto-embed your Facebook live videos into your website in one click.

Once you are connected, a shortcode is provided to your widget. This shortcode can be placed anywhere in your website and makes it easy for you to put your Facebook live videos.   

Well, there are a lot more options for embedding your Facebook live videos into WordPress. Still, a quick and easy solution for WordPress Facebook live stream plugin is Vidlive WP plugin because it doesn’t require mastery in handling technical processes.

The VidLive WordPress plugin is here to help you to prevent all your complications without any hassle. It makes the process a lot easier and allows you to display your Facebook live anywhere on your website.

You can also display the previous recorded live video for engaging new audiences.

The Future of Facebook Live WordPress Plugin

Facebook live streaming platform is constantly evolving. People are more inclined towards video content rather than posts. 

As it is continuously growing then the future is not far for making the embedding process more accessible.

VidLive WordPress plugin is one of the sources that make it possible to embed Facebook live videos without any complication and technical hand.    

This plugin detects if you are currently live on Facebook and then automatically embed the live videos into your website.

Bottom Line

Preferring the VidLive WordPress plugin is actually the solution for all the problems. It has the ability to create short codes, has the ability to embed codes for your previously recorded Facebook live videos, and can embed maximum numbers of videos on your website. It also allows your recorded and uploaded videos to be in full-screen mode. 

Moreover, you can use the same embed code multiple times on your website.

According to your preference, you can also customize the look of the notification bar of your website.

All in all, it is the best option to choose the official VidLive WordPress plugin.

How to Auto Embed Facebook Live Stream On Your Website?

In any way possible, Facebook is one of the leading ways to gain more and more audience on your website or market your brand on social media channels. With more than 2.45 billion users throughout the world, Facebook leads all the spheres of social media platforms. This has uplifted the importance of engaging with different tools, features, and widgets designed and developed for Facebook. 

Out of all, there is a VidLive widget that has been crafted for people who want to be the new sensation on Facebook, grasp a high number of pages or website visitors. 

What is VidLive Widget all About?

auto embed facebook live stream

VidLive is a social media widget that lets people go Facebook live through their website or Facebook page. Thinking why use it? Check out here- 

  1. Helps in marketing your brand or improve the approach of self-marketing 
  2. Displays you as an emerging brand 
  3. Helps you get more interaction and engagement of the target audience on the website
  4. Improves the overall experience of using the Facebook Live feature 

Now comes how to embed the VidLive widget code on your WordPress website?

Embedding the code in your WordPress website is not rocket science. WordPress offers a well-managed and easy interface so anyone from IT or non-IT backgrounds can surf its backend processes. But make sure you don’t play much with the code as it can land you into some coding trouble. 

The steps to embed the VidLive widget code is easy and hassle-free. To help you get done with this, several DIY (do it yourself) videos are available on YouTube. These videos ensure detailed illustration or are considered the step-by-step guide to inserting the code on your website’s backend. 

Here is how to do it. 

  1. Go to the Facebook developer page and get access to Facebook Page Plugin
  2. Click on ‘Setting’ and include ‘Live Video’ that you want to embed
  3. Click on ‘Get Code’ option 
  4. Copy and paste the code on your website backend. 

For detailed illustrations, consider the YouTube video tutorial.

The Wrap-Up:

VidLive widget is a smart solution to all sorts of Facebook Live video hassles. Those who find it difficult to record their Facebook live video and then post it on their profile or website or Facebook pages will find VidLive quite useful. 

To get complete access to it, all you need is to sign up on VidLive, create a personalized account, request the code, go to the website backend, insert the code, and are all set to enjoy going Facebook Live your website in no time. 

So far, this uber-cool widget has helped a lot of social media influencers attract more and more people while others are still getting the hang of it. If you also desire to learn more about it’s functioning and how it can provide productive for your page, then connect with the experts of VidLive Widget through email or call. The contact details are available on their official website.

How VidLive WordPress Facebook Widget Improves The Facebook Live Streaming Experience?

VidLive is a revolutionary change in the zone of Facebook live video streaming. Right from helping people to market themselves better to creating a kick-ass option for Facebook lovers, VidLive has a lot to offer but only when you know how to make the most out of it.

VidLive – The Future of Facebook Live Videos

Those who love going live on Facebook frequently and want their followers to also be able to view their video on their website find it a useful widget.

To get quick and easy access to VidLive on your website all you need is to embed a unique code in your website, and rest is VidLive’s job. Once you have inserted the embed code, you can go live on Facebook Live. On your webpage/website, in seconds your followers will see your live video on your website. Isn’t that something wonderful? 

VidLive – How it’s Improving Your Experience?

After witnessing the increasing popularity of VidLive widget among churches, trainers, gamers, musicians, bloggers, instructors, social media influencers, and ministries, VidLive has come up with yet another update that has a lot to do with your overall experience of discovering this widget.

VidLive widget among churches

Recently, VidLive has come up with a WordPress Plugin. This WordPress Facebook Widget, ’ which is quite self-explanatory, can be used on websites developed on WordPress. It is an official VidLive WordPress plugin that helps you sync with the VidLive account and go live in seconds.

Once you have synced both the accounts (WordPress and VidLive), the widget will be assigned a new WordPress shortcode that has to be placed on the website code via backend. However, you may need not indulge a developer in this process, but if you are unsure if you will be able to do it successfully or not, you can go for consulting a developer. 

To get access to this plugin, it is important to have a VidLive account first. You can create the account for FREE via the official website.

The Bottom Line-

VidLive can add a lot more to one’s experience on your website. VidLive comes with a uniquely designed and developed feature that works for people who have websites on WordPress. This is referred to as the WordPress Facebook Widget, which automatically embeds the code in your website to streamline Facebook live videos on a click.

How To Embed Facebook Video In WordPress?

One of the most engaging features of Facebook is Facebook live videos.

In fact, to connect with their audience, more and more businesses are focused on producing video content.

To record, save and publish Facebook live videos, you want to embed those videos on your website.

With the help of VidLive widget, you can automatically embed your Facebook live videos into your website.

VidLive- Making Easy To Embed Facebook Live Videos On Your Website

Do you know what a widget is? Widget is a stand-alone application embedded into the body of websites.

Purpose Of Widgets:

The purpose of the widget is that for a business, it serves as an extra inducement to attract loyal customers. 

Usually, widgets are convenient and essential tools for both the providers and the users of a site.

Worship and COVID-19… Get The Easiest Church Live Streaming Solutions

Reach everyone on time!

During COVID-19, pandemic church live streaming is the only option for online gathering and attending events. You can connect live streaming to the church prayers or faith life. If you can’t go to church, then the church can come to you virtually in real-time. Live streaming church service allows people to reach church instantly at exact timing. With the VidLive widget, you can use it to make it happen.

5 Benefits of Using Church Live Streaming Service On Your Website?

One WIDGET, many live streaming SOLUTIONS!

Facebook Live is a means of communication that engages large masses and builds more fan following. Do you agree that Facebook has enough to advertise? Of course, Facebook Live is the best option to increase viewership, but you also need to promote your services through different platforms like your official website.